Tailor-made basis
A variety of clients means a variety of products and Synergy Food uses a tailor-made concept in order to meet all requirements optimally. Our clients choose which product they wish to purchase and the form in which they purchase it. This can vary from top quality almonds to ground apricot kernels. All your various packaging-requests can be tailored to as well, even with your own private label if required. Special services are available as you need them, whether you choose to have your own product processed and packed or to contract out your inventory management process as a whole. You can rely on Synergy Food to supply a product and service which is totally tailored for your company and your requirements. 

Quality and speed
Tailor made production is also all about quality and speed. Our complete production process is therefore aimed at meeting those requirements. It begins with certified almonds transported by first class exporters and shipping companies. Our production line guarantees hygienic and safe processing, right through to the packaging process in various formats. The constant process of quality control, including advanced laser equipment, ensures an optimum product according to the most stringent requirements and your own specifications. Moreover, the products are constantly tested according to internationally recognised safety norms, both microbiologically and physically.

Quick and flexible
An ingenious logistics system allows Synergy Food to offer you speed and flexibility. If necessary, we can take over your complete inventory management process for you, including procurement, storage, transhipment and packaging. Just in time delivery guarantees continuity of your supply and/or production process, so that you do not need to stock large volumes of products. This saves you warehousing space and facilitates your daily management tasks.

Semi-manufactured products
Besides our almonds and apricot kernels, we supply a variety of semi-processed products as well. Thanks to our versatile production line and cleverly designed logistics processes, we can always offer you tailor-made solutions. So Synergy Food offers your company added value, regardless of the product you need. 

Synergy Food offers you:

  • Purchasing and transport
  • Stock control
  • Sorting solutions
  • Quality control
  • Cleaning
  • Blanching
  • De-bittering
  • Slicing
  • Slivering
  • Grinding
  • Packaging
  • Contracted work

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